In line with INCTL’s commitment to sustainability and compliance, the company believes that that introduction of CPB and NANO-DYE processes will go a long way in making the textile dyeing process much more sustainable and effecting drastic reduction of chemicals – opening up a new chapter in the apparels industry in Bangladesh.

Green Initiatives

When the worldwide textile industry is reeling from unimaginable consumption of harmful chemicals and vast consumption of finite water resources, there is a company that is the first to adopt both NANO-DYE and Cold Pad Batch – CPB technology, which makes our dyeing process most sustainable and unique in the world. Nano-Dye is closing the loop of existing exhaust dyeing while saving on power, water and dyestuff. CPB dyeing process is also environment friendly due to high dye fixation and non-requirement of salt and thermal energy. The company is equipped with all latest technologies and utilizes central ERP system, which is rare in the textile sector.

Corporate Sustainability

INCTL has brought in seasoned hands from the wider industry to lead its expanded operations. The company’s ethos dictates that workers are fully compliant to ensure uninterrupted production and safety at workplace. Regular fire drills are conducted on factory floors with wide fire exits and there is complete CCTV coverage at all sites. Working in conjunction with on-site medical facilities, Peer Health Educators (PHEs) help with pregnancy issues, hazards and nutrition plans. There is a “Her Health” project where one out of every 20 workers gets training on health issues on every project floor. 40 PHEs are called “Shastho Shokhi”. In the time of Corvid 19, they are instrumental in advising the workforce on personal hygiene like washing hands and wearing and maintaining PPE. Excellent childcare facilities allow working mothers to be employed and INCTL provides proper dining facilities with safe drinking water. Company provides transportation for its workforce. Workers get efficiency bonus and gratuity. Regular payment of wages and benefits by management ensure job satisfaction.

Environmental Policy

As an environmentally compliant company, the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) is a core activity in INCTL. Utilising aerobic and anaerobic digestion process, it recycles harmful chemicals generated from the Dyeing and Finishing processes before discharge into waterways. Beyond the ETP, INCTL also has had a third party conduct an Environmental Management Plan and the management calculates its energy consumption and GHG emissions. Reducing the carbon footprint is an integral part of operations and the company re-uses wastewater after treatment. There is also a rainwater harvesting system that saves about 44 million liters of ground water.


Apparels produced by INCTL makes use of some of the finest machinery that allows the Garments division to have stitching capacity of 3.2 million pieces per month, considering garments SMV as 7.5 minute per garment @55% efficiency. INTCL is using real-time software, which is provided by “Ncinga” that greatly increases production efficiency and quality. We have modern utilities facilities like efficient Caterpillar generator USA, Botch Boiler Germany. Condensate recovery & return system and SKY LIGHT can save energy a lot in our premises.

Certificate Audit Report Corrective action plan

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Social Compliance Overview

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Policy Procedure

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Environmental Data

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Environmental Day

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